Running Up That Hill

There is some hype caused by Stranger Things 4 but actually that classic song from the 1980s has always had a place in music and pop culture. Even without Stranger Things.

For the time being I have chosen five cover versions prior to the current Stranger Things.

My favourite is the unplugged performance I have put as Exhibit Nr. 5. The acoustic performance is great and the singer is just nailing it.

Exhibit 1: Placebo – Running Up That Hill (2003)

Exhibit 2: Within Temptation – Running Up That Hill (2000)

Exhibit 3: Orkidea Remix – Running Up That Hill (2017)

Exhibit 4: Mozartine – Running Up That Hill (2015)

Exhibit 5: Trionale – Running Up That Hill (2014)

Exhibit 6: Jimmy Jorgensson – Running Up That Hill (2010)

Strange Kind of Women

It’s been a while and I feel I need to put out some kind of explanation but today is not the time for that.

Recently I have been revisiting classics and covers/tributes to them. Thus I rediscovered “Strange Kind of Women”, an all female Deep Purple tribute band.

Perfect Strangers. I love that song… I know it’s not from the good old Deep Purple days in the 1970s but who really cares?

Child in Time. This is one of the great old classics from the 1970s.

It’s just a fun coincidence but as I have just found out “Strange Kind of Women” are performing in my area tomorrow. Guess who has just bought a ticket and will probably have a nice Saturday evening.

This is going to be the first live show I’m going to see in over 2 years. The last being Amorphis in early 2020 just before Covid hit.

Amorphis – On the Dark Waters

Amorphis is one of my favourite bands since the late 1990s / early 2000s. I have been following them since then but only recently I finally managed to experience the band alive. Thus Amorphis has been the last band I have seen live before Covid put us unto lockdown.

Here is a first track from their upcoming 2022 album “Halo”. The song is called “On the Dark Waters” and follows the modern Amorphis sound present on their recent albums like “Under the Red Cloud” and “Queen of Time“. Love it.

Reign of Fury / World Detonation

Reign of Fury (Wikipedia) is a British Thrash Metal band formed around 2006-2009 in in Cheltenham. Their style is deeply rooted in 1980s Thrash Metal and also takes quite a chunk from the old school NWOBHM. It’s this band that made me rediscover thrash metal a couple of years ago (after listening mostly to either Symphonic Metal or more extreme styles like Black and Death Metal).

Their first full album was released in 2012 and is called “World Detonation”. It features great album art and eight equally great songs that are worth a listen if you are into any kind of Heavy Metal. The following video clip contains the full “World Detonation” album. Usually I do not link to full album clips, but since the band itself has linked to this very video on facebook I think it is ok to share it.

Reign of Fury has released two other amazing studio albums: “Death Be Thy Shepherd” (2015) and “Exorcise Reality” (2019). Both are worth a listen too.

Guano Apes – This Time (Live)

Guano Apes is a German alternative rock / nu metal band formed in 1994. In central Europe they soon became popular with their tracks “Open Your Eyes” and especially “Lords of the Boards” during the mid 1990s.

Since 1997 they have released an album every couple of years, the last in 2014. While there have been no new album releases in recent years, the band is still touring with the same lineup as in the 1990s.

Bonus track: They also did a great cover of “Lose yourself” by Eminem.

Enchant – Nighttime Sky

I have recommended the 1993 album “A Blueprint of the World” by Enchant before. Since then seven years have passed and still the album takes me back to a lovely place in the mid 90s. It takes me back to a time that I have fond memories of. Back to a city that has moved on since then and a me that has moved on even more – for better or worse.

Listening to it I must admit that the album by todays standards has a somewhat stale sound at times. Yet the songs are pure Prog Rock / Metal gold, even tody. Here is another track called “Nighttime Sky” from the “Blueprint of the World” album:

Judas Priest – Blood Red Skies (live)

Judas Priest is along with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Manowar and Metallica one of my earliest Heavy Metal Influences. Back in the late 1980s they released “Turbo” (1986) and “Ram it Down” (1988). I think both albums aren’t among the Judas Priest fan favourites, but to me there are still some gems on this releases.

Exhibit: Blood Red Skies
The original track has been released on the 1988 album “Ram it Down” and I already loved it back then. It’s great. Period. I have fond memories of Judas Priest performing this track on their 2011/2012 Epitaph tour along with all the other classics.

Dear Mother – 12 Years in Exile

Dear Mother is a new Dutch metal band featuring the amazing Merel Bechtold who was one of the lead Guitarists in Delain in recent years. As sad I am that Delain has disbanded recently, this first track from Dear Mother is really promising.

The album is expected to be available summer of 2021. So far this seems to be first good news in 2021. 😉

The Gathering – Heroes for Ghosts (live)

“That trumpet is amazing…” are some of the words I thought I would never utter.

Yet here we are listening once again to the amazing The Gathering from the Netherlands. This time with Silje Wergeland as leading vocalist who in my opinion is doing a great job.

With over nine minutes this is a long song but I think it is a lovely somehwat trippy voyage that needs more exposure.