[Cover] Dimmu Borgir – Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)

In 1984 Deep Purple released the “Perfect Strangers” album. Some may say Deep Purple was on a steep decline back then, but I somehow like that album and especially the title track “Perfect Strangers”. The song also has been a “modern” staple in Deep Purple live shows since the 1980s.

Dimmu Borgir, a black metal band from Norway, has taken that song and created a slightly darker and heavier cover version. The added dark overtones fit the song and the lyrics very much. This is clearly one of the better offerings in the “metal band plays classic” range.

[Cover] Synlakross – Colony (In Flames)

I enjoy looking for cool covers by metal bands and cool covers of metal songs. Beginning today I will try to share some of the things that I did come across.

The first cover in the series takes us back almost 20 years, to “Colony” by In Flames. The video below features Synlakross, a melodic death metal band from Spain, covering the title track “Colony” of that very album. The cover version is very true to the original, but it has a refreshing brighter and clearer sound that I enjoy very much. 

[Pedals: Distortion] Rock Fabrik Effects Mind Abuse


Mind Abuse is a high gain distortion pedal manufactured by the Turkish effects builder Rock Fabrik Effects. According to the manufacturer the pedal is “designed to create high gain distortion tones with very low noise level […] for every hard rock and extreme metal music genre”.

Rockfabrik Effects Mind Abuse

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Devin Townsend Project – Deadhead

While I was aware of Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad I didn’t really listen to any albums. Recently some older Devin Townsend videos from EMGtv appared in my youtube timeline (“Kingdom“, “More“). After skipping through these clips I finally started listening to a few more songs. Some of these I skipped fairly soon, others I listend to a bit longer. This one I kept returning to, I find that dark wall of sound rather enjoyable.

[New Album] Divine Ascension – Liberator (2014)

Artist:             Divine Ascension (Australia) 
Album:              Liberator (2014) 
Genre:              Progressive Metal / Power Metal
Similar Artists:    -
Official Website:   divine-ascension.com / Facebook

Ususally I’m fairly impatient when listening to new albums. This was one of the rare occasions where I recognized that I was well into track 4 or 5 and hadn’t touched any buttons yet.

Divine Ascension is a female fronted metal band from Australia. Genre wise I would classify the music as power metal with strong progressive influences, but nothing overly complex. The vocal style is different from most modern female fronted metal that comes to my mind. I’d say it’s more or less a traditional singing style which I think is a refreshing departure from operatic or growling feale voices.

The album “Liberator” is the second album recorded by the band. It includes 11 tracks with no real disappointment. My biggest gripe with the album is that I believe that the vocals could be a little bit wider and more up front in the mix, if that makes any sense.

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It’s been a while…

What started as a few weeks off ended up becoming a several months long hiatus. In the mean time I got another job and moved to another city. Now that I have settled in a bit, a couple of days ago I felt it was time to mark the occasion with some new gear. So I went and took home two blondes:

Fender American Professional Strat and Victory V40H “The Duchess”

  • The Stratocaster is a current model of the Fender American Professional series. With the three single coils and maple fretboard it’s good company to my black Double Fat Strat.
  • The Victory V40H is a pretty straightforward amplifier. It features a single channel with lots of clean headroom, a serial effects loop and a builtin digital reverb. It’s a great platform for pedals and effects, but also sounds nice on it’s own.

I’ve prepared some bits and pieces in the background, so I expect to get back into a regular posting schedule now. Topics will still be guitars, effects, music but also what I have learned from playing around with all that gear throughout the years.