[Live] Hypocrisy, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth (12/03/2019)

The last concert for 2019 featured three established Death Metal bands as Hypocrisy (hypocrisy.cc) and Arch Enemy (archenemy.net/en/) joined Amon Amarth (amonamarth.com) on their Berserker tour.

It was a great concert to end the 2019 season with. I’ve seen Arch Enemy two times before and it was always a blast. Hypocrisy and Amon Amarth didn´t disappoint as well.

As an Icing on the cake a couple of days later the show in Oberhausen was recorded by German television. Hypocrisy was not recorded, but the full sets of Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth can be viewed until 01/15/2020 here:



As these links are going to be dead in two weeks I’ve also included a few other live snipplets from previous released concerts below.

The first one is a live clip of Hypocrisy performing “Fractured Millenium” (Live DVD “Hell Over Sofia”):

Next in line is Arch Enemy. The clip below was recorded live 2016 on Wacken and is part of the “As the Stages Burn!” DVD. The song is called “Nemesis”:

And finally here is a video of Amon Amarth performing “Twilight of the Thunder God” live:

[Live] Delain and Arkona (11/21/2019)

Just short of a one year hiatus I’m back in the mood for some music. As we’re heavily approaching winter around here the “Metal Season” begins. Yesterday I made it to the first show for this season featuring Delain as headliner and Arkona as support act.

Delain (delain.nl) is a Dutch female fronted metal band that I have first heared about more than a decade ago when they released their first album. I’ve also seen them live when they were still support act for bands like Within Temptation. Today they are headlining their own tour and they are still a great band to see live.

According to Wikipedia Delain is a band in the genre of “Symphonic Metal”; personally I think what Delain does is much more straightforward, fun and party than what I would associate with that term.

The clip below is the official teaser song for their DVD. The song is called “Fire with Fire”:

The support act yesterday was the Russian band Arkona (arkona-russia.com/en/). They are fairly unknown here but actually they are an established band with seven albums up their sleeve. They are roughly in the same genre (pagan/folk metal) as Eluveitie but with a slightly heavier and darker approach. It’s also a great live band that was fun to experience.

The following clip is from the release party of their latest album. Apparently the song is called “V Pogonie Za Beloj Ten’Yu”.

That night was a great start into the season. I’m looking forward to see both bands again at some point in the future.

Tomorrow I am off to see Doro (Pesch) once more. I’m expecting all the classics.

Kai Hansen – “Fire and Ice” (plus Bonus)

Kai Hansen is one of the founding members of Helloween, one of the leading bands in the German Power Metal / Speed Metal scene of the 1980s. After leaving the band in the late 1980s he founded Gamma Ray and participated on many other metal albums since then.

The track “Fire and Ice” was first released on Kai Hansens “XXX – Three Decades In Metal” album. The live version below was recorded at Wacken in 2016 or rather 2017. Kai is accompanied by Clementine Delauney on this track.

As a bonus I include another live clip from the same concert. The song is called “Victim of Fate” and was featured on 1985s “Walls of Jericho” album by Helloween. As such it is a classic of German Speed and Power Metal featuring brutal riffs and a great slow bit with guitar solo in the middle of the song.

This is the kind of music that about 30 years ago made me the metal fan that I still am today. So much for going through a phase… 

Wucan Live

If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that I like dark and gloomy metal, but that I also really enjoy some good old 70s rock. Especially the obvious classics like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, but also German Krautrock and modern bands inspired by that music.

If you also like that kind of music, I think I have found a new(ish) treat. Wucan is a fresh band based in eastern Germany that does some stuff which is heavily inspired by Krautrock and also international classics of that 70s era. 

The following is an official live set (about 58 minutes) uploaded once again by WDR Rockpalast, which is a classic in it’s own. I’m not sure if it is available in all countries, but there are other uploads to be found on youtube (which I’m not going to link to, but they are easily found).

A Pleasant Surprise

Every now and then I can’t hold myself back and I start to ramble about some of my recent purchases. With this one I could either begin with how my love for the electric guitar dates back to the mid 1980s but I could also get right to the point. The latest guitar that I bought is an Ibanez JEM 7VH. It is the posh version of the Steve Vai signature model featuring plain white color, signature vine inlay and gold hardware. I just love that look, but then I am also very fond of white Gibson Les Paul Customs which also have that white/gold thing going for them. I can see how this is not everybody´s cup of tea though.
Ibanez JEM 7VWH
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[Cover] Dimmu Borgir – Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)

In 1984 Deep Purple released the “Perfect Strangers” album. Some may say Deep Purple was on a steep decline back then, but I somehow like that album and especially the title track “Perfect Strangers”. The song also has been a “modern” staple in Deep Purple live shows since the 1980s.

Dimmu Borgir, a black metal band from Norway, has taken that song and created a slightly darker and heavier cover version. The added dark overtones fit the song and the lyrics very much. This is clearly one of the better offerings in the “metal band plays classic” range.

[Cover] Synlakross – Colony (In Flames)

I enjoy looking for cool covers by metal bands and cool covers of metal songs. Beginning today I will try to share some of the things that I did come across.

The first cover in the series takes us back almost 20 years, to “Colony” by In Flames. The video below features Synlakross, a melodic death metal band from Spain, covering the title track “Colony” of that very album. The cover version is very true to the original, but it has a refreshing brighter and clearer sound that I enjoy very much. 

[Pedals: Distortion] Rock Fabrik Effects Mind Abuse


Mind Abuse is a high gain distortion pedal manufactured by the Turkish effects builder Rock Fabrik Effects. According to the manufacturer the pedal is “designed to create high gain distortion tones with very low noise level […] for every hard rock and extreme metal music genre”.

Rockfabrik Effects Mind Abuse

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